Old Country Market, Coombs

Old Country Market, Coombs

coombs market cafe patio

 This year, a small but varied donut shop, Billy G's, has nestled it's self into an A-frame shaped space right beside the entrance to the main market its self. Around the corner of the shop is a small cozy seating area of a few rustic bistro sets shaded by low hanging tree branches.

coombs market ice cream shop

  Right across from Billy G's, an ice cream shop and cafe, similarly named Billy Goat's Creamery happens to be home to one of the area's best chai lattes. Plus over 70 flavors of ice cream that can also be enjoyed as an affogato or an ice cream sandwich are scooped here daily.

coombs market edison bulb chandelier

  Last but not least, tucked away towards the back of the grounds is a fresh produce market with an assortment of local fruits and vegetables. As well as a garden center brimming with oversized pottery and plenty of greenery for your garden, green house, or next landscaping project.

  Tourists may flock here for the goats on the roof and novelty gifts, but there are also some amazing places to eat and shops to visit at the Coomb's Old Country Market.  It is constantly evolving and there are always a few new additions to the Market grounds when they open back up for the season in early Spring.

coombs market seating area

  Neighbouring the ice cream shop is a quaint boutique, filled with block printed textiles, cotton and linen duvet covers, and handmade bath bombs along with a few rustic furnishings and light fixtures.

hydrangea and pottery at coombs market gardening center
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