Nutimik Lake, Manitoba

Nutimik Lake, Manitoba

A two-hour drive from Manitoba's capital Winnipeg, is  Nutimik Lake, one of the many lakes in the southeast of the Province and part of the Canadian Shield. The area surrounding the lake is made up of various rivers, creeks, boreal forests, large rock ridges, and of course plenty of campsites.

Nutimik Lodge is one such spot, just a short walk from the Whiteshell Natural History Museum, it boasts winterized cabins with jacuzzis and wood panelled interiors as well as numerous individual sites for trailer or tent camping along the border of the lake. 

nutimik lake view through trees at golden hour

As far as places to eat in the area when you don't feel like cooking on your camp stove, the Dunlop's Tourist Hotel in Seven Sisters has been serving up homemade comfort food for three generations. The restaurant itself is a time capsule to a 1970s' truck-stop with a pool table, shuffle board, and juke box.  Don't let the long outdated decor fool you though, the fried chicken, mash potatoes, gravy and made-from-scratch pierogies are all delicious and are just the thing to put you in a food coma.

walking trail through forest of birch trees at nutimik lake
view across nutimik lake through the trees
fog over nutimik lake

If you're an early riser, watching the smog lifting off of the lake during sunrise is the perfect view while you sip your morning beverage of choice. Locals and regulars a-like also rumour this to be one of the best times to cast your fishing line if you're hoping to fry up the day's catch for dinner.

morning dew  on leaves close up
hammock hanging between trees with view of nutimik lake

Nutimik Lodge is open all year long, allowing for summers spent boating,  swimming, or playing volley ball at the sandy beach. In the winter months, take a walk through snow covered birch trees, ride a snowmobile along the trails winding around the lake or cuddle up by the fireplace in your cabin with a mug of hot cocoa.

lookout view of small island in nutimik lake
Boon Burger, Winnipeg M.B

Boon Burger, Winnipeg M.B

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Clementine Cafe - Winnipeg, M.B.