Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg M.B.

Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg M.B.

At roughly 1100 acres, Assiniboine Park is hard to miss if you're in Winnipeg.  Running parallel to Portage Avenue, and bordered by the Assiniboine River, a large portion of the park (about 400 acres) is designed in an English style of landscaping and features a large sculpture garden. 

view of the assiniboine river through the trees in assiniboine park
vine covered pergola at the pavilion in assiniboine park

Works by Ivan Eyre from collection Wasteland Dreamland (1957-1969) pictured above. Quirky mixed media illustration by Marcel Dzama below.  

mixed media tree and 1920s flapper girl illustration by marcel dzama

Another gem in the city is Sargent Sundae, located just across the street from the Park's entrance on Portage Avenue. If you've got a sweet tooth, Sargent Sundae is guaranteed to satisfy it with every variety of ice cream dessert you can imagine on the menu.

sargent sundae chocolate dipped ice cream cone in waffle cone
winnipeg art gallery's the pavilion in assiniboine park

Host to countless festivals over the Summer months and home to both a Zoo, Conservatory, and Medicinal Herb Garden, a must-visit in Assiniboine Park is Winnipeg Art Gallery's The Pavilion

winnipeg art gallery the pavilion ivan eyre art collection

The building, originally built in 1930,  though it has undergone many a renovation since then, features the works of renowned Manitoba artists Ivan Eyre, Clarence Tillenius and Walter J. Phillips, as well as newer artists from all over the province. 

canadian lieutenant harry colebourn and his companion, a bear cub he named "Winnie"

Of course, if it's your first time to Winnipeg, The Pooh Gallery at The Pavilion is a charming glimpse at the world's most famous teddy bear and the bond between Canadian Lieutenant Harry Colebourn and his companion, a bear cub he named "Winnie" after his hometown of Winnipeg, whom Winnie The Pooh is named after. An old photograph of the two, on the left, is one of many on display.

sargent sundae ice cream neon sign
Mudhen Meat & Greens - Dallas, Texas

Mudhen Meat & Greens - Dallas, Texas

Miss Browns, Winnipeg, M.B

Miss Browns, Winnipeg, M.B