1890 Marketplace -  Deep Ellum Dallas, Texas

1890 Marketplace - Deep Ellum Dallas, Texas

1890 market place interior seating

Blood orange, Persian lime, and chipotle are just a few of the infused olive oils you'll find lining the shelves. On the opposite side of the store is an entire shelf dedicated to a number of rubs, salts, sugars, herbs, spices, and spreads like bourbon infused honey, habanero apricot jam, and hibiscus powder.

1890 market place spice shelves

Upon entering 1890 Market Place, you're greeted with a feast for the eyes as well as your taste buds. The simple yet industrial design of the space is an ode to Deep Ellum's history while remaining functional. The store is bright and filled with natural light that spills in through the large storefront windows. There is a charmingly small seating area and rows of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to sample.

1890 market place shop shelves

Beyond olive oils, vinegar, and spices, 1890 Marketplace also carries a selection of gourmet foods, such as Bourgogne escargots, Rougie duck and pork pate with orange, mousse de foie gras, and for dessert, Vintage Farms' seaside key lime pie filling.

1890 marketplace sign
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