Welcome to Fewer & Farther.

Home to fewer things, and far more destinations around the globe.

  Hello, my name is Kara (keh-ra) commonly mistaken for Karla or Karen. I grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island and was raised to love the environment, the outdoors, and water sports like kayaking, sailing, and swimming. During the cold months indoors, however, I turned to the internet to escape the damp West Coast weather and to get a glimpse into the lives of others across the globe. I soon fell in love with the world far beyond my front door, as well as with the web pages, blogs, and online magazines that connected me to it.

  Ever since moving to the city of Vancouver, I've been working toward a life with fewer things so I can explore destinations farther around the world. First, by downsizing my material possessions to a precious few, to most recently, handing in my resignation to travel abroad.

Fewer & Farther is my love letter to the many beautiful corners of the world.